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Heat your whole house and more with a Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor™ an energy efficient and heat recovering hydronic wood stove or fireplace insert.

The Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor™ is basically a hydronic wood stove or fire place insert which generates cosy radiant and convection heat. Most of the valuable energy is recovered via the internal heat recovery system that allows water to be circulated to a central heating system. The Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor™ can work stand-alone or in combination with an existing central heating system or warm water boiler.

The Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor™ has a 4-staged combustion system with combuster afterburn what results in ultra clean combustion of cord wood.

The Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor™ uses an thermostatic firing control device or aquastat to adjust combustion air supply in relation to the desired, pre-set, water outlet temperature, and as such automatically adapts to the type of fuel being used and the varying heat consumption of your home's central heating system.



















For installation schematics and user manuals, please e-mail us.