Wood Boiler Gasification in action ... The Ulitimate!

Models: Konigsspitze, Arunda and Wilder Kaiser Specifications:

All models are available as a free-standing model and as an insert. This hydronic heater has a 30/70 heat distribution ratio. This means that around 30% of the rated heat output is radiated into the room where the unit is installed and around 70% of the rated heat output goes to the water.

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    High Burn*  
Rated Heat Input BTU/Hr 59,300  
Weight of cord wood Lbs 8.3  
Max Wood length Inches 13.5
Glass Area Loading door Inches 9.375 x 14
Glass Area Gasification door Inches 9.375 x 5.5
Firebox Volume CF 1.95
Rated Overall Heat Output BTU/Hr 51,000  
Heat to water BTU/Hr 35,700  
Efficiency to water % 70  
Heat into the room BTU/Hr 15,300  
Efficiency to the room % 30  
Overall efficiency (HHV) % 86  
Overall efficiency (LHV) % 93  
Burn Time Hrs 4.3  
Water Flow GPM 6.2  
Max. Water Temp. F 180  
Min. Water Temp. F 130  
Combustion concept Gasification with catalytic afterburn
Particulate Emission rate gr/Hr 0.88  
Particulate Emission Factor gr/kg 0.045  
Particulate Emissions Level Lb/MMBTU 0.04  
Particulate Emissions Level gr/MJ 0.017  
CO ppm 1,200  
CO2 % 11.9  
O2 % 10 - 13  
Max. Stack Temp. F 230  
Water Capacity Gallons 4.25  
Maximum Operating Temperature F 200  
Maximum Operating Pressure PSI 30  
Test Pressure PSI 45
Height Inches 50
Depth Inches 22
Width Inches 24
Weight Lbs 615
Flue Collar Inches 6
Built & Tested to the following Standards UL 1482, UL391 and CSA B366.1
*Gasification Models meet the EPA Hydronic Heater Program Phase II particulate emission level of max. 18 gr/hour and 0.32 Lb/mmBTU

For installation schematics and user manuals, please e-mail us.