Can I use the Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor with my forced hot air system?

Yes! By installing a booster coil in your duct work you can use the Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor with your forced air system. The fan from your present furnace kicks on and the booster coil superheats the air that passes through you duct work. Just like an A/C coil but with hot water.

How can the Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor heat my home and water?

Water-to-air or water-to-water heat exchanger or direct circulation conveys the heat into the structure's forced-air furnace, boiler, or radiant floor heating system, and to the water heater to provide domestic hot water. This allows for normal thermostatic control of temperatures for safe, even, comfortable heat.

Will the Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor work with in-floor radiant heating?

Yes! In-floor radiant heating is very nice and the Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor works with all in-floor radiant heating systems.

How complicated is the installation?

Installing the Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor is easier than you might think. Many customers have chosen to install their own Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor because the installation can be easily completed during one weekend using the installation manual.

Is the Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor pressurized or non-pressurized?

The Hydro-to-Heat-Convertors' internal heat exchanger can be pressurized upto a maximum of 29 psi. The Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor is protected by a thermal protection valve and an automatic cold water feed system that protects the heating appliance in case of power failure, faulty circulator, improper use, etc.. The Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor is also equipped with an overpressure protection - ASME safety valve set at 30 psi, although the solid construction of the heat recovery elements enables it to withstand extreme pressure loads, so that maximum safety is guaranteed at all times. Every units is pressure tested at 85 psi. ASME-certification (H-stamp) is optional at an additional cost.

Should I consider radiant heat?

Radiant heating installed under new or existing floors can be a great way to heat your home. Radiant floor heat is the most efficient way to transfer heat, however, it is important that you design the system correctly and contracting an experienced HVAC-company is advisable to optimally tune in the system.

Can the Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor heat my pool and/or spa?

Yes, many Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor customers heat their pool and/or spa.

Why the Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor contains a limited amount of water?

Less water is more efficient; just ask any plumbing & heating professional. High efficient gas boilers have only a few gallons of water. The more water in the system, the more wood required to maintain the heat. Think of it this way: if you had an electric water heater in your home that held 30 gallons and one that held 80 gallons; assuming you use the same amount of hot water, which would take more energy? The 80 gallon would use 20% more energy. Less water also means faster heat recovery if the stove has been out or temperature has dropped. We strongly advise the use of a hot water storage tank so the wood boiler can be operated at its maximum efficiency.

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