The Hydro-to-Heat-Convertor™ indoor wood boiler with visible fire is available in different standard models and personalised/customized versions, both as freestanding wood stove boiler or fireplace insert.

Custom built: building by hand allows us unique freedom to alter a boiler for a particular situation ... even to build  unique one-offs!  Awkward shaped openings, double-sided, changing the boiler-to-space ratio, these are all things we can do. Responding to customers' requirements has been another great engine for design development.

Doors: hinged single door, hinged twin door, swing-up door, horizontal or vertical sliding door, round or bent doors.

Glazing: on-sided, both sides or tunnel version and corner shape.

The height and width of the glazing can be customised insofar as technically possible. We also offer single pane, double pane and tripple pane glazed doors that gives you a better control on the heat radiated into the room.

If desired, the fireplace can be fully customised for use with an existing chimney, e.g., with an unglazed supply door at the back and ash removal via the basement. You can also choose a metal cladding specially designed for you: brass, copper, stainless steel, etc. We leave it to your imagination .... .