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If your house was built or renovated to low-energy specifications, the The Tonwerk storage heating stove with Aqua module is all you need to keep it warm and cosy (subject to your technical installation andrequirements). In other buildings, the Aqua module is an excellent addition to the existing central heating system – particularly during the shoulder season.

Homes built or renovated to low-energy specifications provide excellent heat insulation and a hermetically optimised shell to offer a comfortable, energy-saving lifestyle. Heating and hot water are often obtained from renewable energy sources. Many of these homes also boast comfort ventilation with heat recovery: fresh air from outside the house is drawn into the bedrooms and living areas, and stale air is evacuated via the kitchen, bathroom and restroom. These technical innovations deliver a huge reduction in energy consumption. Financially, the investment is well worthwhile: build to low-energy specifications and you save on annual operating costs and protect yourself from continually rising prices for fossil fuels in the form of gas and oil.

The Tonwerk storage heating stoves with Aqua module are perfectly adapted to the energy-saving concept of low energy building techniques: sandwiched between the stove storage block and the outer casing there is an absorber jacket inside which circulating water can absorb up to 50% of the heat from the stove for use via the central heating system. This reduces the direct release of convection and radiant heat into the room, which makes sense in rooms requiring little heating. The absorber jacket is sufficient to heat other rooms without the need for chimney outlets or additional heating systems, and installation costs are very modest. Thermostat valves ensure optimum heat distribution. The pump and safety technology required for the stove water circuit requires very little space and ensures a correct flow rate at all times. If you have not built or renovated to low-energy specifications, storage heating stove with Aqua Module provides an excellent addition to your existing central heating system.

Discuss your needs and wants in detail with us. Our specialists will be able to find exactly the right solution to match your individual style of living.


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